An immersive world for exploring your imagination with gestures

About Skoogen

There's nothing more relieving and reinvigorating than a walk in the forest. Especially a magical one, full of curious characters and places of wonder. And especially during difficult times when all you want is to leave, forget about your worries for a while and go exploring.


In research about how children and teens experience hospital environments they describe the uncomfortably bright light, poor ventilation, noise from telephones, staff talk and children crying as very stressful. They experience the medical equipment as unpleasant and scary and want it to be hidden in the wards. The opportunity for distracting activities is important for a positive feeling in themselves. This is what Skoogen is there for.

The concept

Skoogen takes you on an interactive journey to explore a multitude of fantasy worlds. Say hello to ever so polite Mrs. Fox, find Piñata and lazy Slug on an afternoon tea or play the musical flowers in the sunlight. Find the sleeping giant, you can tickle him, but do not wake him up! Who knows how giants behave when they are disturbed.



The installation is fast, easy and built for the demanding conditions that hospitals required. A textile projection screen hangs from the ceiling without being in the way for nurses or parents. A hidden computer registers the movements of the person laying in the bed who controlls the experience by moving their hands in the air.

The immersive environment can be installed even in very demanding settings

When Skoogen is not in use, the screen is hoisted up and out of the way by a simple tug of a string.



Research shows that nature and an harmonious design of the environment has a positive effect on the immune system, blood preasure, heart rate, hormonal activity and stress. Spaces that don't stimulate our senses or where we don't feel safe create stress that in the long run actually can make us more ill.

Stressful environments even make us more ill.

Of course, material things and the physical environment can never make up for lack of human relations, but with the help of aesthetic expression we can increase the health promoting effects of hospital environments.



Meet the vibrant inhabitants of Skoogen



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Skoogen, idea and concept made by:

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